Seven Ate Nine brings you that feeling of delight through a series of authentic

Greek products.

Enjoy the rich culinary heritage of the Mediterranean’s finest.

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The sunny side of taste.

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Products that are made ade from the finest ingredients, using traditional Greek recipes, these pies are perfect as mid-morning snacks or as part of a main evening meal. Available as a frozen product, they are easy to bake and

give diners a taste of Greece.


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Seven Ate Nine was a great success in the Farm Shop & Deli Show 2023

back in April at the NEC in Birmingham.


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Passionate about the rich tapestry of

Greek food flavours, the company

is committed to bringing a taste of

Greece back to the UK.


Food & Drink Matters

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Seven Ate Nine

Made in Greece


O & F Hellas E.P.E

1 Ormos, Marathokampos, Samos, 83200, Greece

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Athos Foods Ltd

35 Grafton Way, London,

W1T 5DB, Englan

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